Andrew Wilson is the creator of The Online Dentist. He is an award winning dentist based in London. In 2017, Andrew was awarded Best Young Dentist in the UK. Andrew has been featured on BBC Breakfast, Radio 2, Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5 Live. He has also been interviewed in The Independent newspaper. Andrew is happy to make himself available should you require a dentist to speak on a news story that you are featuring. He can speak on all aspects of dental health and dental treatments. Andrew is also a highly skilled cosmetic dentist.

As the creator of The Online Dentist, Andrew Wilson wishes to promote positive health messages that empower families to avoid dental disease and allows them to take control of their oral health. This is why Andrew was recently invited on BBC Radio 5 Live to speak on the current child tooth decay epidemic in the UK.

Tooth decay is the single biggest reason that children are admitted to hospital in the UK. Andrew is passionate about helping families to avoid this preventable disease. The Online Dentist produces a unique set of free dental health syllabuses and resources to allow teachers to teach about teeth and tooth decay. The launch of these resources was featured on BBC Breakfast with an interview with Andrew.

The Online Dentist team are able to provide journalists with information, pictures and video content as required to improve the content of their feature. Andrew can provide quotes for print media or an interview if preferred.

Dr Andrew Wilson provides cosmetic dentistry for his patients. This allows him to provide expert opinion on the merits of different cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening and aesthetic braces.

Andrew prides himself on simple, clear communication without jargon. He is approachable and friendly. To see Andrew in action, watch this video…

How to contact

Andrew is happy to be interviewed on everything dental. If you need expert opinion then look no further. To get in contact with Andrew, either send an email or call.


Phone 020 7353 8110

Or you can use our website contact form.

We would be delighted to help you.

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