As dentists, we like to talk about ‘bonding’ a lot because it sounds fancy. It’s actually very simple. ‘Bonding’ is adding tooth coloured material onto teeth to adapt the shape. The materials used are the same as for tooth coloured fillings.

The material needs to be matched to the colour of your natural teeth so that it will blend in. If you’re not happy with the overall colour of your teeth then you should do whitening first and then the ‘bonding’. If you are going to have some bonding done, it’s quite nice to brighten everything up first. If you do the ‘bonding’ and then decide you don’t like the colour of your teeth then you are a bit stuck. If you then whiten your teeth, the ‘bonding’ that was done before won’t change colour like your teeth will. This might mean that it stands out and it may mean you have to pay to have the ‘bonding’ done again.

The great thing about making some alterations to the appearance of your teeth with these materials is that it can be done without removing any healthy tooth or enamel. The teeth can just be added too and then polished to make a really nice even appearance.

Damaged teeth before treatment


Damaged teeth after treatment


Bonding is simple, can be done in one appointment and is usually less expensive than the alternatives like veneers.

The creator of The Online Dentist, Andrew Wilson (GDC number 209563) is an award winning dentist working in Central London. If you would like to know more about Andrew or how he could transform your smile, visit his website or contact him.

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