Our free school resources have arrived. We have everything you could need to teach about dental health to all school ages. There is a separate syllabus and resources bundle for each key stage from 1 to 4. There are worksheets, activities, experiments and videos. And they’re all free!

This is exciting! Really exciting! Nothing like this already exists. It’s so exciting that the BBC featured Andrew on BBC Breakfast earlier this year.

But why is this important?

Do you know the biggest cause of children being admitted to hospital in the UK? Take a guess.

You might be surprised to know that it’s tooth decay.

Tooth decay is by far the biggest reason that children go into hospital in this country. Four times more than any other reason. Tooth decay causes more suffering to children than any other disease.

Tooth decay can be prevented with a balanced diet and understanding how to care for your teeth. But we are letting these children down by not getting these messages to the families who need them.

I am not saying that these school resources are going to save the world and prevent every cavity until the end of time. Children are not the ones buying the sugar. Teaching kids about tooth decay will not change what parents buy.

But it’s a start. Children are like little sponges. They lap up information; absorb it. So when they go home they will get Mum and Dad thinking.

Our school resources are all part of our wider mission to spread positive health messages that help families.

If you are a teacher, dentist, classroom assistant or parent; take a look at our resources and activities. Download them and teach kids the importance of dental health.

You might just be making a huge difference!

They are all completely free and available on our school resources hub.

Thank you for supporting our work. If you find the resources useful, please share them with others. That’s how you become a part of our project to save children from hospital admission for rotten teeth. That’s how you help. That’s how you make a difference.

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